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from texas, duck or burgess for five minutes. >> mr. frantz, let's stay on the subordination issue. the act of 2005 m. sure you are familiar with because you are one of the original hires at the long project office in 27 to administer this program in 1703 under subordination with the obligation to be subject to the condition that the application is not subordinate to other finance team. simple straightforward statement. even among boyhood like myself can understand it. the difficulty and i think mr. graham is exactly right. the difficulty goes that then the law does not go on to prescribe any penalties, civil or criminal in violation of days. so while i believe the secretary to have been a technical violation of this passage of the energy policy act of 2005, there is no penalty. for that reason earlier this year by introducing another bill, 5063 to prescribe the monetary penalty between 10 and $15,000 for people who violate the statute, the bill is based on the anti-deficiency act and provides administrative penalties for executive branch officials who violate appropriations bills
, for example, in texas, and a few other places. >> what is it you wanted lawmakers, policy make -- policymaker, and their staff to see here? what's the display? >> people know panasonic for the consumer electronics, televisions, blueray players, and things like that. in fact, under the hood, panasonic has a very wide array of products including a range of energy oriented products. that's what we are showing today. all of us know we have to be able to generate new forms of energy using new systems such as solar panels, and once you generate it, of course, we got to be able to store it intelligently, and then we have to manage it. along with the traditional forms of power generation in the grid, more and more people are actually creating their own energy at home. typically using wind power or more importantly solar. in panasonic's case, for example, here in salem, oregon, we make these giant heavy silicon parts that then gets sliced into thin layers, and they are turned into the module that make up solar panels. panasonic is proud to be the company with the sing -- single most efficient to produ
. amendment number 70 is adopted. are there additional -- spin around to the gentleman from texas over here who seeks recognition. >> i vitamin eamentd at the desk. your amendment number is 74. clerk will distribute amendment number 75. recognized for two minutes and may spread with the discrimination of the. >> thank you. as you knowed in the 2008 farm bill, we passed mandatory country labeling. our friends to the north and south did not think that cool was all that cool and they challenged this piece of legislation in the wto, and the ruling with against u.s. on that. and it was a appealed it was lost and now while the ruling said that the u.s. can keep the cool program it still found the provisions must be changed in order to make the wto compliant. what the amendment does is it just says within ninety days after passage of this legislation effective date, that the secretary shall bring a report as to what their plan is to comply and make the cool wto compliant. very simple and straightforward. i would yield to my good friend mr. scott. >> i move to strike that. thank you mr. chairman.
the state of texas that would prevent that, no sir. >> i would suggest that's probably it'll typically for all states. do you think we should be looking at it both federal and state ?refl. >>? certainly i can understand it as being a concern. the twawlty of that ever occurring is slim and none in my view based upon the platform, the accuracy required, all of those things that go into it lethal or less than lethal situation, i don't believe the uav are appropriate for that type of weapon platform. >> thank you. the question for -- i apologize. i can envision probably in the more extreme example the press or someone else, you know, how they invade someone's privacy right now, abusing these vehicles, and is there any way even besides criminal law and other lawsuit, is there a way we can trace is someone is photographing or doing some video cam work on people in the private lives out in the backyard or in front of the pool or whatever. is there a way we can trace that so there can be civil action. perhaps do you think there is available civil action in that respect that could be brought fo
when i'm speaking to either fortune 50 ceo, world class investor, small business people in east texas air is what i hear. number one, on certain federal regulation and certainly harmful federal regulation is crushing jobs. number two, the single largest tax increase in the u.s. history, number three, the nation on the road to bankruptcy and member for comer rhetoric that bill fais success in the free enterprise system and monetary policies aren't going to solve that problem. >> thank you. mr. capano. >> thank you mr. chairman. first of want to thank you for your steadfast commitment to taking action as you deem appropriate. i don't agree with everything you've done, but today is another day wherever it begins to criticize everything you've done for the last ten years and i may take my shot here or there but i just want to say thank you for not giving up and for not wearing under this. we still need you to be actively involved even if there are things you do that i disagree with. there are so many things i would like to talk about that in five minutes i can't do it to the use of person
hood texas and tucson, arizona. these incidents may occur in one city or in one state but they're national tragedies that tear at us all and then cause us all to tear up and cry together. like all americans my heart goes out to the victims and their families, and i also remain hopeful that the presiding officer and i were at the hospital -- one of the hospitals on sunday -- that survivors are going to defy the odds on their road to recovery and we've been truly inspired by their stories. i want to take a moment and applaud the leadership shown by colorado's public servants from governor john hickenlooper, aurora mayor steve hogan and especially the police chief dan oates. there are also other law enforcement professionals that came to the scene immediately first responders, medical professionals on site and in a number of hospitals where the victims were taken. i think what's most notable is that they worked seamsly to carry out the city's disaster plan and protect the victims from further harm. the aurora police and firefighters arrived a mere 90 seconds off the first 911 call
of the narrative of the violent islamists. and i just hope that we have learned from our . >> gentleman from texas, recognized for five minutes. >> we thank the chairman and the ranking member for the hearing and acknowledge the witness and thank them for their presence this morning. first, let me acknowledge the passing and funeral of inspector phillip prather who was assigned to the houston decision of the federal incompetentive service his home going service indicated the record of service. i'm grateful that director patterson was able to attend and secretary and i hope we'll have a dialogue after over the next couple of days. thank you for your letter of sympathy to the family. i would like to put on the record, there is a need for more responses hr, human resources if you can look into it i appreciate it in firms of working with the family. let me ask a question that if the homeland security department was operate rabble? 1993, i think it was 1993, 1994, in the action of the oklahoma bombing, 95. it would have been considered domestic terrorism under the homeland security department? >> yes.
: well, that goes to talking earlier about the texas senate race, the primary is on tuesday, and there you have an old-fashioned establishment conservative in in the lieu -- lieutenant governor and there's the dynamic wing of the conservatives of the republican party, and back in late may, they had their first round of balloting with 1.5 million people voting. duhurst didn't have 50%, so under texas laws, there's a runoff system, and now they expect 350,000 people. those 350,000 people are part of what you referred to as stand on principle, and that's why a lot of people think cruise is the favorite right now, and what you get as sort of this primaries becoming more decided by just the narrow swath of the 350,000 texasians who will -- texasans who will vote tuesday is you get a more hardened, more principled group of people on the right and on the left, and it makes that sort of bridging the divide a heck of a lot more difficult than it would be it you had more participation from all corners. >> host: another call in here, democratic caller from here in washington. hi, there
years or so since world war ii has been about 20% of our economy. average texas revenue has been about 18.3%. the difference has been the deficit. with the congressional budget office tells us is if we continue to have the economy grow as the suspected well out of this weekend recovery, the tax part of it will come back to the rate of about 18.3 per cent of gdp. the problem is the spending part because the spending is not that 20% right now it's at 24% or better. and what happens over the next ten years goes up to about 30% of the next ten years about 35% and so on and so on to the gap in the revenues pretty clear. i'm for tax reform and it's going to raise more revenue. our problem is on that our taxes are too low. our problem is that our spending is too high and if you look at it historically, that's what it is. [applause] the congressional budget office has asked to make estimates of the 75 year budget projection, an economic projection that the deutsch periodically. recently they tried to do this and they discovered that in their economic and fiscal models, they could then do it be
community is texas and california and so what we want to do is just sort of enhanced the perspective of the country, and quite frankly for me it is an opportunity. we are in an election cycle and unfortunately, you know, the americas has received very little attention. the story here is that nobody really understands the growth and the evolution of our neighbors to the south. and our future as to the way the world is evolving is in clusters and we just have to take for granted our largest economic partners canada and mexico. we have to take for granted not very much cover the stories of the certification of space forms of government. we worry about all these other unstable governments. you know, but we don't invest as much in south of the border so for us it is a we've just getting the different perspectives of the opportunities. not the issues, the problems. we are not shying away from them the opportunities going forward, and hopefully getting our candidates and the public to engage in a discussion and to better understand the opportunities and possibilities with our neighbors to t
and a lot of. you explain how there are three main bridge over oldham eastern connected and texas interconnected. what was the big revision of originally as a started to get set up and transmission lines were put in was there any thought given to the future and what it would look like today? >> there was a lot of thought not given to the future we have now. the future we have now in most states. >> guest: was going to generate the electricity it used to be that your favorite model with a kildee would be soup to nuts they would buy the coal and burn the coal. now we've got one party generating in different parts and transmitting to different parties. nobody build it with that in mind and we are having trouble adapting it to that purpose. >> let's take a look at more details about the power grid system that serves all over 48 states, accepting hawaii and alaska. >> it's not actually are grid. >> guest: that is an important distinction. >> guest: there is a connection from halifax to new orleans. there's a western tech connection that is west of the rockies, and texas for political a
on the texas city plant, osha record, the fact that they basically had a culture in a strategy that emphasized the financial engineering at the extent of operating discipline was pretty well known in the industry unassertive came to the conclusion after talking with people for three or four years that if you call the people in the oil industry and deepwater horizon said the following thing that's happened, who do you think was operating the strong majority for bp at that point? so that was fair. the second parallel with the preparation for actually making a disaster. in both cases or paper airplane scene we can handle this new reality with they were not able to do so. and then the public relations narrative i'm learning how to deal with all of the communities and traumas. i think probably bp had the benefit of 20 years of learned about corporate crisis management at exxon. in those days 89, the whole philosophy of how to communicate and immediately go tell people you make things right lesson is well developed as a strategy in exxon today. anyway. postcode no, i agree. i think the aftermath str
to then texas cagi nf ratn,hich as lost stse dema, t r ention before they realize eagleton might not be the best vice presidential candidate. bill clinton, cochairman of texans for cgvernadtyo clniekd o ho a cn ice of them accompanies mcgovern in eagleton to the ranch to see johnson heard intosects nd meg,ch no , h w in ireor to l that is as close as clinton got to meeting all bjp but is great about the american presidey anwelrmr,evn 'sotdengyt fpeid. re rbeh a d tacaaiomre ow i think it was des moines. i'm pulling that, but it wouldn't count on it. everyone hasheir circu ti tht lnve m j. ol h htasll estsofir kit orll is that they all hoped for. right over her pren lbis erication of the arer i el pe oeoies? >> i think what is amazing -- but answer it this way. irderer iest nvabao wt piy ch president. the french like to presidents grandfatherly cool anti-america aur] say nof e gs w gfaly o. ths nothing about any of these guys. it's a classic american story. we elect presidents who don't begin to fit. if you have back hflo, ejs agdxo jon ny. csp around makeup and are out widel differing, you know
, an hour left in the program this month, comes from temple, texas. wagofton >>t: a,r.o c- f bv. a gt fan. i'm not familiar with any of the rks bys. qndle go tarbao enn roic debate, and perhaps i tookour statement wrongly, but it seemed to me you were discounting any of the opions the m innscon wen a of the pro-choice philosophy when i point outo ishots ath tsb wn wec abortion, don't want anymore children, that's out of the picture because of the tihexedtopp c aitrn erms b- h edward, i think we got your point. anna quindlen? abteurste pis ois pantso he hupatw s d,ut that if she has an abortion, she gets to make that decision on her own. ofd tgs t ty about th o is m complex issue that we face because it's not like anythinglse. all the attempts to ogt e ed fre coiowhof hospitality of my body to another human being to gw and prosper is not like anything wi m obo that i have certain responsibilities in th f lshahow i treatysf a
much important. >> so would be significant. nrensptte,sot went to texas and the type to the head of region for a told us basically, yes, we fundamentally rely on what the utilities a telling us when it comes t sonen ee. political pushback and we are seeing studies move forward. but i feel culturally it's troubling that i find it oublg that there's potential that at this very moment that b wve the studies hadof it not been in fukushima? >> a couple of them t ergy oio n agency has pointed out issues. they don't get a lot of a lot of traction without legislature unfortunately. i haven't bee a calamity. there was a calamity except for legislator baead tod mosts, et cetera, et cetera drive this issue that crazy in the california legislature and against her other energy agencies. i don't know if there would have been study. pugi.ornia wld he i am not anti-nuclear. i am for what is good for my native state. i'm a fourth-generation californiaand a 50 year purchase retired public svant. and in effciaitior tcgylmydult life that we as humans and do i feel comfortabl andopefully my and enci
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15